Rafał Dominik

About the artist

Rafal Dominik creates drawings, 3d characters, sculptures, digital paintings, scenography and videos. He is mostly interested in exploration of unconventional beauty, pop culture iconography, the nature of realism and reality, and in creating unique visual stories. He considers himself a pop-artist, operating on the edge of art and popculture.

  • Lycanthrope Bathtime

  • Close Encounters

  • Steel Shields

  • Girl vs Girl

  • Muszyna

  • VViki

  • In Hiding

  • Need For Speed

  • Bring It On

  • Heritage

  • Portrait Of A Girl

  • Cloverfield Paradox

  • Flute Player

  • Flute Player

  • ehh hahah

  • Elven Prom Queen

  • Demon

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Rafał DominikLycanthrope Bathtime