Jim Linear

About the artist

Jim Linear is a versatile 3D artist and generalist hailing from France and currently based in Barcelona.

During the past years he has collaborated with a diverse range of clients including sculptors, musicians, fashion design brands, web3 curators, and many others.

His artistic style is predominantly centered around the creation of captivating textures that draw inspiration from the tapestry of our world.

He also excels in crafting organic shapes through the use of physical simulation techniques, resulting in visually striking and immersive digital artworks.

He constantly explores new ways of digital creation to gain a deeper understanding of the logic behind the abstract.

  • Digital Moss

  • La Fleur Du Mal

  • Desert Land

  • Turquoise Machine

  • The art of falling

  • Color Disorder

  • Catter

  • Mospline Destruction

  • Verde Palido

  • Magic land

  • Prism

  • Flourishing body

  • Sand Rose

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Jim LinearDigital Moss